Cascading Style Sheets

CSS DesignJeg skete på tværs af en stor indlæg today at that spoke to cleaning up your CSS. Cascading Style Sheets are an incredible advantage to optimizing and designing your website because it separates the visual layer of your site from the actual HTML or the code behind your site. A style sheet is read by the browser, so I'm sure that there are huge advantages for high-traffic websites, since processing all the visuals of your page is left to the browser instead of the server.

CSS also allows you to do visual changes ‘on the fly' to your site without modifying HTML or your back-end files. So… changing your user interface doesn't require rebuilding your application, you simply post the new CSS file. CSS 2 even takes it a step further… offering many more visual enhancements, including actual textual changes.

Det værktøj, som jeg brugte i dag, var CSSTidy. I downloaded the application version, which has a command-line interface. It not only cut down the size of my file, it also organized my style sheet to make it very simple to read. It's a very nice little application! As well, there's an online version now if you don't wish to download an app.

Andre ressourcer:

Please add your resources as well! I'm especially interested in CSS advancements, as well as browser support. I know that Firefox supports CSS2, but I've not heard much on IE7's support for CSS2.

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