2014: Året for kundeoplevelse


I would hope that every year is the year of customer experience for each of our companies, don’t you? I know that’s not the title was eluding to. In the past I’ve said that customer service is now a core to every company’s social strategy. Because of the natural tendency of consumers to share and research information online about the products they use, companies they work with and the brands they love or are frustrated by, every company’s social media strategy can be severely damaged or improved by the echos of customer experience across the Internet.

Da sociale platforme vokser og udvides i 2014, øges også det beløb, som kunderne siger og deler på sociale medier. 2014 er utvivlsomt året for kundeoplevelsen, og alt dette suppleres af sociale medier. I denne infografik diskuterer vi, hvorfor det nu er tid til at udnytte social intelligens til at perfektionere kundeoplevelsen, og hvordan du kan handle.

Conversions are tied directly to the emotional choice that a consumer or business makes once they trust they’re making a good purchasing decision. Since customer service is the number 1 factor of trust, it’s a no-brainer that you must have a great customer experience in order to reach, find and attract customers online.


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